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How Long is CNA Training?

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CNA training is a must if you’re going to become a nursing assistant yourself, and if you are seriously considering it, an obvious question to ask is how long is CNA training? Well, good news, training does not take very long at all, most CNA classes last anywhere from 3-12 weeks anywhere up to 6 months. But this can differ depending on which state you live in, as different states require a certain amount of training hours to be completed. So today, we’re here to explain more about how long is CNA training.

How Long is CNA Training?

As we’ve noted, CNA training typically can be anywhere from 3-12 weeks and up to 6 months. The length will vary depending on what your state’s requirements are as well as where you choose to receive training. However, you will find that the majority of classes are 3 to 6 weeks if done full-time. If done part-time, you can expect a typical class to last around 6-12 weeks. You can also complete a portion of your training online!

A typical CNA class is a 3 credit course, which will cover everything you need to know to become a competent nursing assistant. It will have a section that focuses on lecture and knowledge and a separate section that will teach you practical and clinical skills. After you’ve completed the CNA training, you will be able to take the state comprehensive exam, which will grant you your CNA certifications.

3-12 Week Programs

3-12 week courses are usually the norm for CNA training, and they will cover a lecture portion (such as privacy rights, anatomy, nutrition, physiology, medical terms, responsibilities, etc.) and a clinical portion (such as patient care, communication skills, CPR, vital signs measurement, documentation skills, etc.) These courses are often offered by nursing homes, hospitals, and institutions that offer state approved CNA training (such as the Red Cross).

6 Month Programs

6 month programs will cover basically everything that you would learn from a 3-12 week program, although things are usually taught more in-depth. Although these programs last longer, they often do no provide any extra benefits compared to the 3-12 week programs. That is largely because 6 month programs are offered at community colleges, vocational schools, and technical colleges, and courses from these institutions are a semester long.

how long is cna training

Again, the length of courses will vary depending on what state you live in. Different state have different minimum hour requirements, ranging anywhere from a mandatory 75 hours up to 180 hours of training. So, that’s why typical classes can last anywhere from 3-12 weeks, so your state will largely influence how long is CNA training. With that said, before you enroll in any CNA class, make absolutely sure that it meets your state’s hour requirements.

After you’ve completed the CNA training, it’s as simple as passing the state’s certification exam (which will consist of a written test and clinical test) and you will be officially qualified to start working as a certified nursing assistant.