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As a certified nursing assistant, it will be necessary to learn a number of CNA skills in order to perform the job properly. Most of these nursing assistant skills will deal with patient care, although there are also some revolving around infection control and usage of equipment. Most states recognize a CNA skills checklist of about 20-30 or so techniques, and the ones you are required to know can differ by state. Also, steps for these CNA skills might vary depending on what your state demands, which is why you should review the CNA handbook you should have received in your CNA classes for a thorough explanation of each. So without further delay, here is the complete catalog of CNA skills and a brief synopsis of each. Continue Reading

The Definitive List of CNA Duties

There are a number of CNA duties that you might want to get acquainted with should you pursue the career of a nursing assistant. As one, these are the typical CNA duties you will most likely be performing on a daily basis, and the list is quite thorough to cover everything. Of course, duties of a CNA can vary depending on the work setting and your role amongst staff, but in general, these are ones you are likely to encounter, although you might not have to perform all. For example, CNA duties in a hospital can be different from the CNA duties in a home healthcare environment. So, let’s get on with it already, here is the definitive list of CNA duties! Continue Reading

Differences Between a CNA and a RN

The jobs of CNAs (certified nursing assistants) and RNs (registered nurses) can be similar in some ways but can be exceptionally distinct in other areas. For one thing, the jobs of CNAs are focused more on patient care while RNs work more independently, dealing more with crafting nursing care plans, assessing patient health problems and needs, and keeping track of the medical histories of patients. These differences between a CNA and a RN are largely what leads to different duties, responsibilities, salary, and training requirements. After all, RNs require formal training that is substantially longer than that of a CNA.

So, which is the better occupation that will best suit you? Well, first of all, you should truly ask yourself whether you are interested in the nursing field or not. You can take our short CNA compatibility quiz to get a general idea of whether you’d do well in the field of nurse assisting. If you are sure that nursing is what you want to do, you can start finding out what the differences between a CNA and a RN are, or whether you’d rather become a LPN. If you’d like to get first hand experience in the nursing field, we highly recommend becoming a CNA first, as you’ll always have the ability to enroll in a CNA to RN or even a CNA to LPN bridge program, which takes your credits earned in a CNA training program and applies them to your continuing education. With this route, you can earn money in practically the same field while you continue to pursue your nursing education. But enough with the consultation, let’s find out what the differences between a CNA and a RN are. Continue Reading

Differences Between a CNA and a LPN

As you may know, a CNA stands for a certified nursing assistant while LPN is an abbreviation for licensed practical nurse. And while both of these roles fall under the category of nursing and each profession’s functions are similar, there are also a few differences between a CNA and a LPN that should be pointed out. After all, LPNs must go through more training than CNAs, which means they have more responsibilities in the workplace and as a result earn more. So which career might you be interested in?

And don’t worry if you can’t decide whether nursing is for you just yet, there is always the opportunity to become a CNA first with its minimal training, gain first hand experience in the field, and if you wish to continue you can enroll in a CNA to LPN bridge program (which takes your prior credits earned and applies them to your continuing education) to advance in the nursing field. So let’s continue with the differences between a CNA and a LPN. Continue Reading

How to Become a CNA Infographic

Wondering what it takes to become a certified nursing assistant? With this quick and colorful how to become a CNA infographic, you can learn all about what you need to start in this profession, along with lots of vital statistics about this hot career. You might even be surprised at how minimal the requirements are, being that most programs last anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks, which is a lot shorter than the time required for most other healthcare fields. And if you want a more in-depth look at how to become a CNA, check out our guide. But enough talking for now, let’s delve deeper! Continue Reading

CNA Job Description

What is it like to be a certified nursing assistant? Even though the tasks and responsibilities of the CNA job description can vary depending on workplace settings, most things will remain the same. A CNA’s job revolves around taking care of the elderly and patients who need help with daily living. That means that anyone who chooses this job must have a caring heart, even when things can get tough. So, what’s the certified nursing assistant job description like? We’ll explain everything here. Continue Reading

What Does a CNA Do On a Daily Basis?

What does a CNA do on a daily basis? Anyone who’s interested in becoming a CNA would be wise to learn what to expect from the job first. As you probably already know, a certified nursing assistant is someone who helps the elderly and patients going through recovery with their daily living activities, which can range from a variety of tasks. Sure, certified nurse assisting is not the most elegant job out there, there’s inevitably going to be some dirty work involved, but all of it is rewarding in its own right if you love to help people. So, on with the question, what does a CNA do? Continue Reading

What is a CNA?

Ever wondered what is a CNA? This three letter word stands for certified nursing assistant, which is an occupation that deals with helping the elderly and patients that need assisting with daily living activities. CNAs are vital members of the health care field and have unique responsibilities and duties that no other position provides. Today we’ll talk more about what is a CNA, their role in the workplace, and much more. Continue Reading